the blog begins

Here is my first blog entry! I wanted to create this blog to share art and images and findings that inspire and influence me. I get so excited about great art, sightings and music, but can never seem to spread the word fast enough. These treasures are special to me and i hope you enjoy them! So, my first images are from Michael Borremans, a Belgian artist who does some cool things with scale. Its always nice for me to see some figure painters too.


  1. yea Miki! I am excited to hear about what is inspiring you and learn about new artists, music, etc.
    see you this summer!

  2. Hey Miki! Those images are amazing they have also inpired me thanks for sharing.
    Hope all is great.
    (what an incredible control of the light in that white shirt. Love the image of the people on the landscape.)

    It would be nice to see you again sometime.