license to ill

Since I started making art for children's books, Ive been paying a lot more attention to illustrations lately. There are really so many inspiring illustrators out there. I always only want to read books with amazing art to the kids at work. Here are some illustrators Ive been in love with lately. The first image is from Olga Dugina and Andrej Dugin. My friend, Jenny, recently bought me one of their books because I was raving about them. Thanks Jenny! I will try and post some of my own illustrations when I finish them.

And a David Shannon Illustration. I love that he paints all of his images. Its true, each page is its own mini-painting. He did this book about pirates that I look at all the time.

And my two favorite Edward Gorey drawings.

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  1. Yes, please post some of your illustrations, I'd love to see them! Some of my favorite children's book illustrators are Allen Say, Peter Sis, and Maira Kalman. I will try to find some Olga Dugina books in the library.