So, I haven't posted anything for a long time. Ok, a really long time. But Im back and really want to share some knit art images. This first one is called, Boat with Four Figures by Katharine Cobey. She spent 5 years spinning and knitting the fiber for this piece; two 60-foot-long, 5- foot-wide, mohair panels. One of the panels is stretched to form a boat and its wake. The other panel is draped over wood logs she got from her land. I would love to be in a room with this.

Truth to Power by Adrienne Sloane

Adrienne Sloane makes installations that hang from the ceiling and seem to drip and spread across the floor. They remind me of illustrations in a way.
And Naked Suits by Anna Maltz. Ive seen several photos of the naked suits before and I always have to stop and examine their oddness.

Naked Suits by Anna Maltz

The last photo is of a little amazing knit. Its a knitted letter that was sent to President Andrew Johnson in 1868 by an inmate of the Washington Insane Asylum. It's signed, 'S.D.' and looks like its knit with a lot of care and attention to perfection. I love the thought of knitting letters to
people instead of sending emails.


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