Luigi Ghirri

The first time I saw a Luigi Ghirri show was at a gallery in Paris when i was 21.  Along the back walls, were rows of small, framed photographs showing interiors of rooms.  The walls physically in front of me were flat and white, but the spaces in these photos were warm and very alive.  Every inch showed texture, 5 different shades of the same color, peeling wallpaper, a nail poking out of a plaster wall, and spaces that looked like they had been well used.  They were nostalgic and visually harmonious.  As a painter, I immediately felt connected to what i saw in the colors and textures and it was the first time I fell in love with photography.
He's playful with light, scale, and atmosphere and often uses backgrounds or objects as stand-ins for something 'real'.  In the loveliest way, he shows us that we cant always believe what we see.     





  1. Miki! You're back on the blogging wagon! I have been enjoying your recent posts - thank you for expanding my art world!

  2. you, lady, are very welcome! im glad you like them & thank YOU reading them! this guy pretty much brought photography into my world so will always be kind of special :) if you ever have any suggestions let me know! xo