Music Video Day!

Lately its felt like life is full of films and videos.  I think thats because:
1. The Portland International Film Festival is going on right now, 2. Some friends of mine were just at Sundance and 3. All this soggy weather is keeping me inside watching old Italian cinema.  Throughout all of this, I've seen some great music videos.  I do love music videos and I'm a sucker for things that are beautiful and dramatic.  Heres a couple of cool ones I saw today. 

From MIA's Bad Girls video.  She always does something tough and visually new.  I saw her in concert once and it was totally from a different world than the one Im used to seeing everyday.

These are from a Sigur Ros song called, Glosoli .  It was made back in 2005 but somehow I missed it until today.  It's dramatic and dreamy and since the band and this video are from Iceland, its packed with beautiful scenery.  In this video, children wander through a rural, blue world.  Halfway through, they wake up to a yellow day and run full speed up a hill that ends in an enormous cliff.  Much to our joy, they fly off into an open sky. !!! I was so excited for them! 

And heres a fantastic Fleet Foxes video from last year.  I know stop-motion animation is everywhere, but as an illustrator, I will never ever get sick of it.  This ones a long epic full of beasts and fantasy. Woo-eee!

The Shrine / An Argument from Sean Pecknold on Vimeo.

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