What is....

Have you ever tried to explain a concept or abstract idea to someone who speaks a different language than you? Or tried to define seemingly simple words like 'faith', 'time', 'thought' or 'work' for young kids?  Well, its hard. And if you've never done it before, it just might make you laugh at yourself.  We use these words everyday, but if you think about it, they have a completely different definition for everyone.  These concepts are connected to emotions and beliefs and culture so are actually pretty personal.
Well, a while back I saw these videos from The 'What Is?' Project asking people to explain these basic-but-also-totally-grand words.  The cameras catch them fidgeting, awkwardly biting their lips, and pulling together a definition.  Some of them are scientific, some are spiritual and some are more eloquent than others.  Sometimes simple is better and sometimes not.  And sometimes theres a camera in your face and you just try your best.

What Is Time? (#1) from The What Is Project on Vimeo.

What Is Music? (#1) from The What Is Project on Vimeo.

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