Where Can I Hear 5000 Bicycle Bells Blowing in the Breeze?

I love public art.  
Art that is accessible to everyone at any time and in a different context than inside the gallery or museum really knocks my socks off.  It exposes art to people who may otherwise never experience or contemplate it.  It has the ability to use nature and space as a tool or material.  And its often subtle while at the same time being unforgettable. Ronald van der Meijs makes installations that include everything I love about public art.  

This is one half of a two-part installation. Heres a rather straightforward description from his website:

The installation 'Nature' is a site specific composition from 5000 chrome bicycle bells that are swaying in the wind of the polder in a natural way, as a reed. Causing them to call each other in a rather subtle manner and cause a soft twinkling noise. This is entirely dependent on the amount and wind direction around the Art Fort. The location and composition of the starting point is the center of an old gun on the embankment base of the fort. The ruin is caused by the German occupation in World War II by the cast-iron cannon and protection dome to inflate and reuse their own weaponry. 

I think I'd like to take a stroll along that lovely (headstone?) path.

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