Feist & Irina Werning

I'm on the Feist e-mail list and got this new video in my inbox today.  Gotta love her.  Heres what they had to say:

A montage of photos and video clips from Irina Werning's celebrated photo essay Back to the Future, the
video for "Bittersweet Melodies" is directed by Holle Singer and produced by Jannie McInnes. Few of
us ever get the opportunity to revisit, let alone re-inhabit our pasts, yet, with astonishing accuracy the
Argentinean photographer recreates old snapshots, juxtaposing the subject of the present with that of
the past. These trips into the present perfect tense are achieved with incredible attention to detail, as
Werner works tirelessly to recapture the same lighting, effects, angles, poses and locations.

“I love old photos” Werning says. “But I love even more to recreate them. When I fall in love with a
picture I don’t stop until I have them in front of me dressed like this doing that thing they were doing.
I’m always amazed that they do it.”

The photo essay, which first appeared in the Sunday Times Magazine, earned Werning the
2011 Magnum Foundation’s Emerging Photographer Grant.

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