Maoli Art Market

In Honolulu, the month of May has become Maoli Arts Month (MAMo).  There are events all throughout the month celebrating and showing Native Hawaiin artists and their work.  Galleries across Honolulu show art by Native Hawaiian artists, there is a hugely successful wearable arts show, an art market, several film screenings, and a food festival.
This past weekend I unpacked all my monoprints and set up shop at the Maoli art market at the Bishop Museum.  There was all kinds of art from prints and paintings to instruments, weapons, and tools, to clothes and weavings.

View of the market at the end of day 1

my prints

Jacob, Annie, and their new print.

Imaikalani Kalahele and his art.  Hes a visual artist, performance artist, poet, and musician.

Marques Marzan is an amazing fiber artist.  He can pretty much make anything.

Marques Marzan

Burnout velvet scarves and dresses by Maile Andrade

There just so happened to be a solar eclipse that day!

And my rad friend, Erin, was there customizing MAMo t-shirts.

I got to bring home some special goodies.  I got three new 'ohe kapala, and the tiniest shark jaw you've ever seen.  Successful weekend!

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