Firefly Photography

Have you ever noticed that when fireflies come together in a group, over time they start blinking their special little lights in unison?  Apparently this is connected to the same force that makes people breathe at the same speed when lying next to each other, or a field of crickets to synchronize their chirps.  I read
this cool little article a few years back about this phenomenon called, 'odd sympathy' and it really stuck with me.  It feels pretty good to know about some of the tiny details happening out in this huge world.

These lovely images come from a japanese digital photo blog (I wish I could remember how I stumbled across them, darn!).  From the blog + google chrome's handy/slightly ridiculous translation, it seems like they're testing out several types of cameras while documenting the annual firefly season in different areas.  Whatever it is, I want to take a walk in these woods right now.  Oooo-di-lolly!

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